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Unlock your Innovations using Altera FPGA Products
The significant improvements in FPGA performance and the dramatic reduction in costs have opened up the use of programmable logic to a universe of new products. Such improvements have made programmable logic even more essential for product development, education, and research. Terasic is dedicated to provide a wide range of various FPGA based boards for academia and industries. High quality, high performance, and low cost are the dream requirements met in our products.


Terasic defeats other competitors
Terasic understands that lots of efforts must be spent to keep ahead of others. During years of success, our management team emphasizes the policy of always listening to the customers. The manufacturing team bears quality and on-time delivery in mind as top priority while producing the products. We want to be successful and make our customers successful, too. Terasic is definitely your perfect partner in the highly competitive business world.

About Terasic Technologies

Terasic was founded in early 2000 with the major goal of developing world class FPGA development platforms. Our headquarter office is located in Hsin Chu, Taiwan which is also known as the Silicon Valley of Asia. A branch office is established in Wuhan, China as well. Terasic offers expertise in FPGA/ASIC Design, High Speed Board Design and Layout, Low Cost Board Design, Device Drivers, and all other support Softwares and Documentations. Our cutting-edge design and manufacturing capabilities provide the state of the art products and exceptional services to our customers.

Product Success

Terasic products have enjoyed phenomenal success all over the world. Having sold over a hundred thousand FPGA kits to academia as well as industry, Terasic continues to set the standard in development hardware.
Customer Testimonials
Global Customers
Customer Success with Terasic


Terasic continues working closely with leading manufacturers and partners in the industry to deliver the best products. With full dedication, strong partnership is built and outstanding products are created. Customers’ satisfaction is achieved to an even higher level.

Altera Corporation (NASDAQ: ALTR) 
leading manufacturer of high-end PLDs ( Programmable Logic Devices). Terasic is Altera’s board designer and manufacturing partner.
Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. (ISSI)
a technology leader, designs, develops and markets high performance integrated circuits. ISSI focuses on to provide high performance memory integrated circuits for Terasic FPGA based systems.
Linear Technology Corporation
manufacturers and markets a broad line of standard high performance integrated circuits. Linear Technology has worked closely with Terasic to provide approved and tested solutions for FPGA based systems.
Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments is the approved and tested vendor for the analog solution around the Altera® FPGAs and CPLDs. TI works closely with Altera® to recommend the best power management, clocking, data converter, and other analog solutions for a wide variety of applications.
Agilent Technologies
Agilent is committed to providing innovative measurement solutions that enable our customers and partners to meet the critical requirements for electronic measurement. Together, Terasic and Agilent delivers top teaching material and support to Altera University Program.

Terasic Qualification

Terasic continues to strive for excellence in product standards supported by being part of recognized programs and certifications.

Altera Design Services Network
Terasic joined Altera Design Services Network Program to provided services to more customers.
An ISO-Certified Company
International Organization for Standardization
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