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Training Project Bidding Port BlueZ onto DE1-SoC Linux

Port BlueZ onto DE1-SoC Linux

After holding more than 10 years of InnovateAsia events, we’ve decided to take such interaction with our board users to the next level starting this year.  This time, it will not be exclusive to academic end-user only, but open to all Altera FPGA board users. We would like to use YOUR designs and IP codes and implement it in our board design and applications.

If you think you can master our project challenge and want to put this special experience on your portfolio, come and bid for the chance.  A chance to show the world your capability and for your design to be used worldwide.


No# |  teb_001
Project Title |  Port BlueZ onto DE1-SoC Linux
FPGA Board Used |  DE1-SoC
Project Time Frame  |  1 month
Project Release Date  |  2014/08/01
Project Budget  |  USD 100 ~ 1000
Bidding Status  |  Closed
Total Bidders

( Update: 2014/08/19)

Project Summary

Port BlueZ open source (  http://www.bluez.org   ) onto DE1-SoC Linux, to support Bluetooth USB-Dongle hardware, and also to support Bluetooth SPP profile to enable Android Bluetooth Mobile phone to remote control DE1-SoC via SPP virtual com. 

Please see the document below for more information. If you want to place a bid, simply push "Bid Now" button on the top right of this page and leave your information. We will contact you as soon as possible. Thanks for bidding.

** For anyone who is interested in bidding this project, please contact us if you don't already own one DE1-SoC.

Project Details  |      


Contract |      



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