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培訓與活動 專案競標 Be the First One to Lay Your hands on DE10-Standard: Write a review or find a bug!


Total Bidders

( Update: 2017/02/22)

Project Summary

As the pioneering FPGA-based product and design service supplier, Terasic never stops looking for innovating and cutting-edge ideas! This time, we challenge you to conduct a technical review and provide ideas that will ignite sparks of creativity for our flagship product, DE10-Standard. All users of Altera/Terasic FPGA board are welcome to participate in our annual event!

This is an once-in-a-lifetime experience for all Terasic FPGA board users. The selected reviewers will receive not only cash rewards, but a certificate of excellence that appreciates your contribution to the new flagship DE10-Standard for Intel FPGA University Program. Furthermore, the selected reviews will be permanently exhibited on Terasic and Intel website and read by global experts and users. If you are masters or fans in FPGA board design and covet this honor, get your quicksilver brain fueled up!

Your Job

You only need to provide a review article for the new DE10-Standard Kit


Each Selected Reviewer will receive :

  1. DE10-Standard Board 
  2. US$500
  3. A Certificate of Excellence for contribution to Intel FPGA University Program
  4. US$200 for each bug found (Please see Project Details)

Please contact us at if you have any question

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CD-ROM (with User Manual inside) of DE10-Standard:  |      


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