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Newsroom 2021 InnovateFPGA Design Contest - Connecting the Edge for a Sustainable Future!

2021 InnovateFPGA Design Contest - Connecting the Edge for a Sustainable Future!

InnovateFPGA is one of the most anticipated global FPGA design contests co-hosted by Intel and Terasic annually. Before that, Terasic has held the Innovate Asia Contest for 14 consecutive years and inspired numerous engineers to design, create, and innovate with FPGAs.

Through the contest, developers from around the globe form a community to exchange ideas and brainstorm, while it also draws them together to compete for cash prize, free FPGA platforms, recognition from the industries, and ultimately, the championship to prove they are capable of applying technologies to deliver on bold goals in an era of distributed intelligence.

This year, the event will be specially supported by GEF SGP of the United Nations Development Program. We are also proud to welcome Microsoft Azure and Analog Devices to join forces as key sponsors.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for university students, makers, and professional engineers to demonstrate their ingenuity and create designs that will have a real-world impact!

2021 InnovateFPGA Contest Theme –

Connected devices and the data produced are at their highest peak in human history; meanwhile, the challenges we are facing on a global scale are also greater than ever before. That’s why 2021 InnovateFPGA Design Contest is inviting you to develop solutions based on edge-centric FPGAs that can lessen the environmental impact and create a sustainable future. Participants will utilize the Terasic DE10-Nano FPGA Cloud Connectivity Kit with Analog Devices plug-in boards and connect them to Microsoft Azure IoT and AI Services to explore sustainability related themes including Smart City, Food or Water related, Autonomous Vehicles, Transportation, Data management, Health, Industrial, and Marine related.

Contest Platforms

FPGA Cloud Connectivity Kit Microsoft Azure IoT


Analog Devices Plug-in Boards

Electrochemical Gas Detection
3-Channel Light Detection for Smart Agriculture
24-Bit 8-Ch I2C Delta Sigma ADC
  DC1338B :
I2C Temperature, Current & Voltage Monitor



Sponsors and Partners

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