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AVDB-Advanced Video Development FPGA Board


AVDB-Advanced Video Development FPGA Board

(Currency: USD)
Price: $999


AVDB is feature rich FPGA board designed to implement various challenging video applications with a special focus on Video Acquisition, Processing, Displaying, and/or Streaming over Ethernet. For example, one or several AVDB boards can be plugged in a PC as a video Input, Video Output, Video processing board for building COTS Servers.

This industry-first board is propelled by the largest and fastest FPGA device from the 28 nm Altera Cyclone V GT family, which includes twelve 6.144 Gigabits transceivers, over 680 multipliers and over 12 megabits of internal memory.

AVDB includes directly on-board several video interfaces (HDMI and DisplayPort).

Combined with IPs available from Altera: “VIP” (Video IP suite) or from ALSE, this board can address the most recent: protocols, processing and video formats, with unprecedented performance. Video transformation, compression, decompression, format / rate changing or other complex algorithms can be implemented in the FPGA and run in real-time, outperforming the most powerful CPUs and associated software.

When inserted in a PC, AVDB offers PCI Express® (PCIe®) Gen2 x1 (5.0 Gbps). The Altera Best In Class PCI Express design has been ported and texted on AVDB, with effective transfer speeds above 400 Mbytes/s.

This State-of-the Art High-End board is an excellent choice for Professional A/V Developers and Manufacturers. Moreover, its very affordable price and its ability to fit in just any PC opens a realm of possibilities for creating and marketing very quickly new products and innovative solutions.

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