The CP2102N (USB to UART) Driver Installation Instructions

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This guide will show you how to install the Virtual COM Port (VCP) Drivers for the Silicon lab's USB to UART chip(CP2102N).

  1. Download the driver
    Download and Install the Latest Virtual COM Port (VCP) Drivers.
    The Virtual COM Port (VCP) drivers enable the CP2102N to appear as a standard COM port. Download the latest version of drivers
    from the Silicon Labs website:
  2. Establish the USB connection
    Using USB cable to connect your CP2102 chip board to host PC.
  3. Detect Your Device
    1. IF your host had never installed the driver for the The CP2102N device, the Device Manager of your host will appear a "CP2102N USB to UART Bridge Controller" device.
      Cp2102n a.jpg
      Please install the downloaded driver as described in setp1.
      Cp2102n b.jpg
      After the driver is installed, The CP2102N device will appear as a COM port in Device Manager in Windows as shown in below. Please note that the COM Port number is different in different host PC.
      Cp2102n c.jpg
  4. Setup the serial terminal program
    User can use the serial terminal program (such as Putty) to communicate the CP2102N from the host PC. As shown in below, User need to setup the COM port nubmer and the baud-rate based on your host and your board.
    Cp2102n d.jpg
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