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新闻讯息 友晶科技开发突破性医疗影像系统 - OpenPET

友晶科技开发突破性医疗影像系统 - OpenPET

友晶科技与美国 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory合作研发OpenPet

2014年6月11日 【 Terasic Technologies 】

      引颈期盼的OpenPet系统,正式於6月5日开始上线贩售!与美国Larence Berkely 国家实验室共同研发,历经三年反覆的讨论与测试,终於达到近乎完美的开发水准,成为OpenPet唯一制造商代表,再次证实友晶科技的研发与整合能力!

      OpenPet为一结合电路板、韧体与软体的系统,主要是提供给正子放射型电脑断层摄影,及单光子放射电脑断层摄影的操作系统。在放射医学影像摄影机的开发中,关键便是电子系统的建置。研究室专案主持人Dr. Woon-Seng Choong指出,现今相关技术的开发,碍於配件无法进行弹性开发,而设计师常需迁就於既有配件,而被迫开发牺牲品质或降低修改弹性的产品。而OpenPet电子系统克服了这些困难,开发出高使用弹性、高效能的产品。难能可贵的是,本产品为开放原始码 ( open source ),除支援更多的检测器与相机视角等功能,更可轻易升级,大幅提升设计弹性。

图一 The Core - Multi-FPGA Electronics Support System

      本计画受到Larence Berkely 国家实验室专案团队的大力赞赏,Dr. Choong 来信表示:「友晶所提供的服务,远超过我们的想像!友晶不仅提供关於本计画的完整图式,亦定义了设计错误的修正与设计升级的范式,在制造过程中,更要求完善的测试流程。与友晶的繁复讨论过程中,友晶尽其可能满足我们的制作要求,即便须自行吸收增加的成本,依旧能在期限内完成此专案。这不仅是高品质的研发能力,更是高规格的制程表现。这次的成功合作,让我们建立与友晶的信赖关系,希望未来能有机会继续与友晶合作。」

Dr. Woon-Seng Choong 的证言原文:

The OpenPET system consist of several complex electronics boards utilizing multiple FPGAs. We came into contact with Terasic when we were seeking a vendor to perform the layout of the boards. Terasic did much much more than just provided this layout service. They performed a thorough review of the schematics and identified design flaw that resulted in corrections and enhancements in the design. They did a superb job in fabricating the boards and in performing a thorough test of the fabricated boards. They were very accommodating to every modifications and requests we made. In addition, they went above and beyond what we requested and sometimes absorbing some of the costs. They were very professional and performed their work to meet our timeline. The quality of their work was excellent. I could feel that they worked very hard to make sure that the OpenPET system is a success story. I am very glad that Terasic are willing to support the OpenPET by making the electronics boards available to the users to purchase. Terasic has saved us time and money and we are very fortunate to have them as a partner. I hope we can continue to work with Terasic as we move forward with the OpenPET system as well as with other projects.

There is no question that I would consider Terasic for further projects, and in fact, am about to request a quotation from them for another circuit board."

Woon-Seng Choong – Staff Scientist, new Principle leader for this OpenPET project, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Califonia



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