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Product Success

Terasic products have enjoyed phenomenal success all over the world. Having sold over a hundred thousand FPGA kits to academia as well as industry, Terasic continues to set the standard in development hardware.

Latest News


DE10-Terasic and Intel Deliver Cutting-Edge Platform for Intel Pathfinder for RISC-V to Accelerate Innovation

Terasic, a premier developer of Intel® FPGA platforms, is announcing today the availability of a new developer kit that will help accelerate innovation in open computing and transform the way SOC architects and system software developers define new products.

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DE10-Nano is now officially certified as a Microsoft Azure IoT Plug-and-Play device!

The Terasic DE10-Nano dev. kit is now officially certified as a Microsoft Azure IoT Plug-and-Play device . PnP certification makes it easy for our customers to connect the device to Azure cloud services with a pre-configured and tested device model. The model is published on Microsoft’s Certified device catalog, and it is the only certified FPGA dev. kit in the market.

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2021 InnovateFPGA Design Contest - Connecting the Edge for a Sustainable Future!

InnovateFPGA is one of the most anticipated global FPGA design contests co-hosted by Intel and Terasic annually. Before that, Terasic has held the Innovate Asia Contest for 14 consecutive years and inspired numerous engineers to design, create, and innovate with FPGAs.

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