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Terasic products have enjoyed phenomenal success all over the world. Having sold over a hundred thousand FPGA kits to academia as well as industry, Terasic continues to set the standard in development hardware.

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2021 InnovateFPGA Design Contest - Connecting the Edge for a Sustainable Future!

InnovateFPGA is one of the most anticipated global FPGA design contests co-hosted by Intel and Terasic annually. Before that, Terasic has held the Innovate Asia Contest for 14 consecutive years and inspired numerous engineers to design, create, and innovate with FPGAs.

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Deeper, Faster Learning with FPGA Co-Processors

Deep learning is a disruptive technology for many industries, but its computational requirements can overwhelm standard CPUs. This problem has led developers to consider alternative architectures, but migrating from familiar CPUs to more esoteric designs is a challenge, to say the least. Rather than revamping existing infrastructure to support deep learning, organizations can turn to hybrid CPU + FPGA compute architectures instead.

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How to Restore a 50-Year-Old Apollo Guidance Computer with Terasic DE0-Nano Board

July 20, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, the first time that a human being stepped upon a celestial body other than the Earth. Many, many commemorative activities are planned and many more have already taken place to celebrate this anniversary, but perhaps one of the coolest, from an engineering perspective, is the revival of a Block II Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) by an intrepid team in the San Francisco Bay area

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