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Newsroom News Terasic announces Altera's Cyclone® III FPGA Board Readiness

Terasic announces Altera's Cyclone® III FPGA Board Readiness

May 4, 2007

The The Cyclone® III FPGA board designed and manufactured by Terasic Technolgoies will provide tremendous value to consumer electronics, automotive, military, industrial and wireless communication markets. Sean Peng, Terasic Technologies' Chief Executive Officer, said “We are very excited to be able to deliver fastest time-to-market Cyclone® III FPGA board worldwide. It has been our pleasure to collaborate and cooperate with Altera Corporation again. We sincerely believe that both FPGA beginners and experienced FPGA designers will benefit from this economical Cyclone® III FPGA Starter Kit.”

Altera's Cyclone® III FPGA family using TSMC's 65-nm low-power process technology provides an unprecedented combination of low cost, low power, high functionality and flexibility. Its eight devices can be configured with up to 119,088 logic elements, 4 Mbits of memory and 288 multipliers for DSP. With its DSP-based circuitry, the Cyclone® III is optimized for HDTV, industrial control and military-based encryption systems, according to Luanne Schirrmeister, director of marketing for low-costs products at Altera Corporation. 

The Cyclone® III FPGA Starter Kit is ready to ship. It is not only easy to use but also cost-optimized and feature-rich for the best value anywhere. The part has 24,624 logic elements, 0.6 Mbits of embedded memory, 66 multipliers and 214 pins. It can support a variety of cost-sensitive, high-volume applications. This Starter Kit includes Cyclone® III FPGA on a RoHS(Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant board, easy-to-use FPGA software, complete design suite for 32-bit microprocessors, comprehensive documentation, cables and power supply. In addition, its development board memory contains DDR SDRAM, Sync SRAM and Flash, and it can expand the functionality with Altera's HSMC (High-Speed Mezzanine Connector) connector-based daughtercards.



About Terasic Technologies

Terasic Technologies is the leading provider in high-performance hardware and software solutions for FPGA/ASIC prototyping, multimedia and image processing markets. Terasic has created many FPGA boards for Altera including DE2, DE1, Cyclone® II Starter Kit, and the new Cyclone® III Starter Kit. Headquartered in Taiwan, Terasic Technologies is committed to serve global customers well and provide highly optimized FPGA systems for the highest quality at the lowest total cost.

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