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DE0-Nano Specifications
New Cyclone IV E and Large Memory Capacity
Consuming 30% less power than previous Cyclone devices, the Cyclone IV E is ideal for your portable, embedded computing platform. The FPGA features 22,320 logic elements, 4 general purpose PLLs, and 594Kb of memory. If you crave for even more memory, DE0-Nano is also equipped with a 32MB SDRAM and 2Kb EEPROM, making it perfect for developing your 32-bit Nios II processor application.
Real-world Sensing – Accelerometer, ADC, and More!
• 3-axis Accelerometer ( 13-Bit resolution )
• 8-Channel, 12-Bit Analog to Digital Converter
• 88 Configurable I/O Pins
• Multi-power Options - Built-in USB Blaster, DC 5V Pins, External Headers
Easy to Learn – Reference Designs and Tutorials Included
Never worked with an FPGA? Want to get started with embedded processors? Don’t worry! Reference designs and step-by-step tutorials for all the peripherals are included in the CD-ROM, making sure you get started with your design as soon as possible!
Unlimited Portable Potential

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