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DE2 in Classrooms :
DE2 Success Projects :
Reconstructing an Apple II+ on an FPGA
Columbia University
Stephen A. Edwards
The Apple II was one of the first really successful personal computers. Designed by Steve Wozniak ("Woz") and first introduced in 1977, it really took off in 1978 when the 140K Disk II 5.25-inch floppy drive .... more
Cornell University
Jeffrey Yates
Thomas Gowing
Rock Band 2 is a popular video game enjoyed by millions on their Xbox 360 console game systems. However, unlocking all of the available songs is a task that many players do not have time or patience for.....more
Falling Sand Game
Cornell University
Skyler Schneider
I created a hardware implementation of a falling sand game, inspired by the Java-coded Pyro Sand Game, which is not actually a "game" in the strictest sense, as it lacks an objective, but is more accurately a 2D particle simulator that satisfactorily models certain dynamics of falling sand...more
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SNES .SPC Player on FPGA
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