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新闻讯息 Altera Cyclone III FPGA Starter Kit


Altera Cyclone III FPGA Starter Kit



Altera Cyclone® III FPGA 开发板简易使用的优势是初学者学习与应用FPGA相关主题的理想入门套件,而有经验的FPGA设计工程师更可以体验到此Cyclone III FPGA 所建立的系统比其竞争方案之性能上平均高出60%、功耗平均要低于50%。 因为此Altera Cyclone® III FPGA开发板可结合Altera 的32位Nios II 嵌入式处理器知识产权 (IP)内核,所以非常适合实现嵌入式处理器或微控制器。
市场上首款的低成本FPGA 开发版,充分发挥了65奈米制程科技的低成本和低功耗优势,Cyclone® III FPGA开发版使用者更可享受此套件所提供的立即可用设计实例。
Altera Cyclone® III FPGA 开发板套件包括:

  • 采用EP3C25、符合有害物质限制(RoHS)条例的电路板 
  • 使用方便的FPGA设计软件,以及完整的32位微处理器设计包。
  • 完整的文檔
  • 电缆和电源

更多关于Altera Cyclone® III FPGA 开发板套件

Development Kit Contents

The Cyclone II FPGA Starter Development Kit is RoHS compliant and features:

  *Power Solution for Altera FPGAs
  • Cyclone III Starter Board
    • Cyclone III EP3C25F324 FPGA
    • Configuration
      • Embedded USB-Blaster™ circuitry (includes an Altera EPM3128A CPLD) allowing download of FPGA configuration files via the users USB port 
    • Power and analog devices from Linear Technology
      • Switching power supply LTM4603EV-1
      • Switching and step-down regulators LTC3413, LT1959
    • Memory
      • 256-Mbit DDR SDRAM
      • 1-Mbyte Synchronous SRAM
      • 16-Mbytes Intel®  P30/P33 flash
    • Clocking
      • 50-MHz on-board oscillator
    • Switches and indicators
      • Six push buttons total, 4 user controlled
      • Seven LEDs total, 4 user controlled
    • Connectors
      • High-Speed Mezzanine Connector (HSMC)
        • Supporting 13 user controlled LVDS I/O channels and associated control signals
      • USB type B
    • Cables and power
      • USB cable
      • External power supply (U.S. compatible plug with EU and UK adaptors)
  • Cyclone III FPGA Starter Kit CD-ROM
    • Example designs targeting the Cyclone III FPGA Starter Board
      • Create an FPGA design in one hour
      • Power measurements of a Cyclone III FPGA
      • A 32-bit soft processor system inside an FPGA
    • Complete documentation
      • User guide
      • Reference manual
      • Board schematic and layout
      • Bill of Materials
      • Product and partner information
  • Download instructions to receive the latest version of the following software (at no charge):
    • Quartus®  II Web Edition (FPGA design software)
    • ModelSim® -Altera®  Web Edition (FPGA simulation software from ModelSim)
    • Nios II Embedded Design Suite, Evaluation Edition (32-bit microprocessor software) 
  • Size:125*100 mm
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