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World-Class Turnkey Solution Provider

As technology continues to evolve and grow extensively, Terasic persists as a trusted service provider for today’s diverse industries. Terasic is recognized globally as a leader in Electronics Design Services (EDS) that specializes in product development and design services. We have delivered advanced-technology designs and integrated service solutions to support Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) operating on several market sectors.

Our company’s expertise in intellectual property and services provide a complete design environment that helps customers shorten their design cycle in order to accelerate their time-to-market phase. This ensures our customers lower risks and costs and also enables them to gain market advantage over key competitors. Terasic has a unique team that offers technical and multifaceted yet practical services to our clients who can depend on us to resolve any significant challenges. The keys to our success begin from attracting top talent across various engineering disciplines, to our engineering expertise in architecture, methodology and tool handling, and through our deep commitment to exceed customer expectations. 

Project Examples

High Resolution LCD Pattern Generator
- LVDS transmitter/receiver @1.3Gbps
- Quad FPD-Link encoder/decoder
- Color and pixel mapping control
HDMI Color Correction System
- HDMI embedded color correction IP
- HDMI transmitter/receiver
- Remote control software program
Image Processing IP
- PAL and NSTC input formats
- TTL, OLED interface
- Scalar from PAL/NSTC to full HD resolution (1920x1080)
Dynamic Voltage Controller FPGA System
- Dynamic voltage controller on Stratix III device
- Interchange I/O standard with various voltage levels
- Very first ones to power-up the Stratix III device


Areas of Expertise

drop red High-Speed Circuit Design up to 10GHz
drop red ASIC to FPGA services
drop red DTV and HDTV chipset
drop red Image Processing
drop red PCI, PCI-X, and PCIe Hardware/Software
drop red Telecom and Datacom
drop red Cost-Reduction System Design

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