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Our Management Guarantees Success

Terasic’s System Design Consulting Services provide high-level ASIC, FPGA, and electronic system development guidance to companies. Our customers benefit from our experience in designing numerous FPGA systems and ASIC’s as well as our deep knowledge in integration technologies. Our professional project management use proven methodologies and strong partner network that enable turnkey services from hardware design, firmware/software development, prototyping, production, testing to troubleshooting.

Our client relationships begin with a meeting to discuss your business goals as many of them have other support requirements beyond electronic product development.  We formulate a product roadmap on a case-by-case basis where Terasic may add value to your organization. We review requirements and timelines, to discuss technical details with your team to ensure your requirements are met.

Our teams consist of talented engineers with a strong passion and goal in mind to provide our customers the best-quality products while accelerating your time-to-market.

Design Flow Chart

Project Definition Phase
Specification Discussion
Budgetary Quote Generation
Timeline Estimation
Engineering Design Phase
Software/Hardware Design
Layout Design
Signal Integrity Verification
System Level Simulation
Sample Approval Phase
Pilot Run
Open/Short Testing
Functionality Testing
Customer Acceptance
Mass Production Phase
Yield Consideration
Stability/Reliability Testing
Careful Packing/Storing
Speedy Delivery
















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