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All FPGA Main Boards Cyclone V OpenVINO Starter Kit Set


OpenVINO Starter Kit Set

(Currency: USD)
Price: $754
Academic: $649


OpenVINO Starter Kit is a PCIe based FPGA card with high performance and competitive cost. It's equipped with the largest Cyclone V GT(or GX)device at 301K LE and it supports PCIe Gen 2 x4(GX device will support PCIe Gen 1 x4). The board comes with 1GB DDR3, 64MB SDRAM, UART-to-USB interface, and extension headers such as GPIO and Arduino. This makes OpenVINO Starter Kit a re-configurable platform with adequate computing performance and low power consumption.

The package of OpenVINO Starter Kit includes reference designs for all the peripherals onboard. It also has a detailed user manual for developers to follow and start building up a system according to their needs immediately.

The OpenVINO Starter Kit kit is a perfect starting point as OpenCL HPC (High Performance Computing) development platform. It supports Intel FPGA OpenCL BSP for developers to design a system with high level programming language. The computation demanding tasks can be off-loaded from CPU to FPGA, resulting in significant system performance improvement.


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