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书籍 The 1st Asia-Pacific Workshop on FPGA Applications


The 1st Asia-Pacific Workshop on FPGA Applications

About the Workshop

Welcome to the 1st Asia-Pacific Workshop on FPGA Applications! By gathering the brightest international minds in FPGA practice and implementation, this workshop aims to foster creativity and brilliance by promoting research dedicated to the development and advancement of FPGA-based technologies. The Asia-Pacific Workshop covers the entire Asia region and is open to all researchers, engineers, and students. Included in this edition are top five researchers based in China, with many other fantastic works from the annual InnovateAsia Design Competition.

This year’s workshop includes papers that truly demonstrate the power and progress of FPGA technology. With the first generations of FPGAs featuring around nine thousand gates, we’re already in the era of millions and tens of millions of gates while speedily approaching the newest 20nm node processes. As programmable devices get cheaper, faster, and better, researchers and engineers are finding that developing on FPGAs is becoming the most viable design strategy. Traditional approaches of integrated circuit development typically require vast amounts of resources and development while posing great risk in the event of a design flaw. ASIC development is also prone to obsolescence, as newer communication and technological standards are continuously adopted by the industries. FPGAs provide an apt solution by enabling engineers to quickly prototype and debug designs before shipping to market. Due to the many advantages, FPGAs have already transcended their role of high-end, high-cost design components, penetrating into virtually every vertical of every industry. Unsurprisingly, FPGAs are expected to become the go-to design solutions in the near future.

Thus, it’s with boundless excitement we bring you the first ever workshop and publication of this nature to the FPGA scene. Through mutual collaboration and relentless energy, we aim to truly become a significant factor in the expansion and improvement in the world of programmable logic design.

About InnovateAsia Design Contest

The Innovate Design contest is a multi-discipline engineering design contest hosted across the world and open to all graduate and undergraduate engineering students. InnovateAsia 2012 was witness to nearly a thousand teams from hundreds of different institutions all over China and Taiwan, including top universities such as Tsinghua University, National Taiwan University, all competing for the top prize. Engineering students toil through months of effort, spending countless sleepless nights in the laboratory to bring forth their impressive creations to expert judges and scientists through multiple stages of qualification and evaluation. Having already experienced immense success, InnovateAsia is cited by students as one of the most critical stepping-stones in their advancement towards learning digital logic design, discipline, and overall understanding of the industry. For more information, please visit http://www.innovateasia.com for more details.

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