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DE Boards DE2i-150 FPGA Development Kit


DE2i-150 FPGA Development Kit

How to distinguish Version A and Version B board ?


TitleVersionSize(KB)Date AddedDownload
DE2i-150 Win7 User Manual 1.1 1586 2017-04-05
DE2i-150 FPGA System User Manual 1.3 7629 2015-08-20
DE2i-150 Getting Started Guide 1.0 1397 2013-06-14
DE2i-150 Quick Start Guide 1.2 1301 2013-06-14
My First FPGA 1.0 2114 2013-06-14
My First NiosII 1.0 5452 2013-06-14


TitleVersionSize(KB)Date AddedDownload
Yocto Image 20130522214834   2013-08-20


TitleVersionSize(KB)Date AddedDownload
DE2i-150 CD-ROM 2.2.0   2017-04-05

Please note that all the source codes are provided "as-is". For further support or modification, please contact Terasic Support and your request will be transferred to Terasic Design Service.
More resources about IP and Dev. Kit are available on Intel User Forums.

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School: Cornell UniversitySenior Lecturer: Bruce Land
Course 1: - ECE5760 Advanced Microcontroller Design and system-on-chip [DE2]
Course 2: - ECE 5760 Simplified Floating Point for DSP [DE2]

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