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Support Board-(USD) $3,382

LBNL 16-Channel Detector Board-(USD) $3,780

Host PC Interface Board-(USD) $856


User IO Board-(USD) $717


Debugging Board-(USD) $680

OpenPET Coincidence Interface Board-(USD) $


Known as OpenPET, scientists from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is undertaking a truly preeminent project for general purpose readout electronics for radionuclide imaging. The significance lies in the fact that the entire system is completely open-source, compounding the influence immensely. Briefly described, OpenPET consists of circuit boards, firmware, and software for researchers building prototype PET and SPECT imagers. Promoted as high performance, flexible, scalable, OpenPET is set to revolutionize medical imaging the same way all open-source missions has furthered the expansion of technology.

As the world’s premier electronics design service provider and manufacturer, Terasic has successfully co-designed and manufactured a complex multi-FPGA electronics support platform for medical imaging.

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