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Cyclone III Video Development System

Altera Cyclone III Development Board

  • Cyclone III development board (DK-DEV-3C120N)
    • Cyclone III EP3C120F780 FPGA
    • Embedded USB-Blaster circuitry (includes an Altera MAX II CPLD) - allowing download of FPGA configuration files via the flash device or the host computer
  • Memory
    • 256 Mbytes of dual-channel DDR2 SDRAM with ECC
    • 8 Mbytes of synchronous SRAM
    • 64 Mbytes of flash
  • Communication ports
    • 10/100/1000 Ethernet
    • USB 2.0 
  • Power and analog devices
    • Switching power supply
    • Switching and step-down regulators 
    • Analog to digital converter 
    • LDO regulators 
  • Clocking
    • 50-MHz and 125-MHz on-board oscillators
    • SMA inputs/outputs 
    • Inputs/outputs for the two HSMC connectors
    • Various buttons, switches, and indicators 
  • Display
    • 128 x 64 graphics LCD
    • 2-line x 16-character LCD
  • Connectors
    • Two HSMCs
    • USB type B
  • Debug tools
    • Three HSMC debug cards (two loop-back and a debug header)
  • Cables and power/analog
    • 14-V–20-V DC input
    • On-board power measurement circuitry
    • 19.8 W per HSMC interface
    • Power cord with plug adapters (US, UK, EU) 
  • Cyclone III FPGA Development Kit, CD-ROM
    • Design examples for the Cyclone III FPGA development board
    • Complete documentation
      • User guide
      • Reference manual
      • Board schematic and layout
      • Bill of materials
      • Product and partner information
  • Altera Complete Design Suite DVD
    • Quartus® II design software
      • Subscription Edition (optional feature, available for purchase) 
      • Web Edition (no charge, Windows only) 
    •  ModelSim®-Altera software
      • Altera Edition (optional feature, available for purchase)
      • Web Edition (no charge, Windows only) 
    •  MegaCore® IP Library - OpenCore Plus evaluation
      • Includes Nios II processor (evaluation license)
    • Nios II Embedded Design Suite, Evaluation Edition (no charge)
    • DSP Builder (optional feature, available for purchase)
    • Video demos of Quartus II software and Nios II embedded processor


  • Digital Transmitter
    • One DVI transmitter with single transmitting port
    • Digital Visual Interface (DVI) Compliant
    • Supports resolutions from VGA to UXGA (25 MHz – 165 MHz Pixel Rates)
    • Universal Graphics Controller Interface
      • 12-Bit, Dual-Edge and 24-Bit, Single-Edge Input Modes
      • Adjustable 1.1 V to 1.8 V and Standard 3.3 V CMOS Input Signal Levels
      • Fully Differential and Single-Ended Input Clocking Modes 
      • Standard Intel 12-Bit Digital Video Port Compatible as on Intel™ 81x Chipsets
    • Enhanced PLL Noise Immunity 
      • On-Chip Regulators and Bypass Capacitors for Reducing System Costs
    • Enhanced Jitter Performance
      • No HSYNC Jitter Anomaly
      • Negligible Data-Dependent Jitter
        • Programmable Using I²C Serial Interface
        • Single 3.3-V Supply Operation 
  • Digital Receiver
    • One DVI receiver with sinle receiving port
    • Supports UXGA Resolution (Output Pixel Rates Up to 165 MHz)
    • Digital Visual Interface (DVI) Specification Compliant
    • True-Color, 24 Bit/Pixel, 16.7M Colors at 1 or 2-Pixels Per Clock
    • Laser Trimmed Internal termination Resistors for Optimum Fixed Impedance Matching
    • 4x Over-Sampling
    • Reduced Ground Bounce Using Time Staggered Pixel Outputs
    • Lowest Noise and Best Power Dissipation Using TI PowerPAD™ Packaging

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