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Phased Out Main Boards VEEK-MT-SoCKit



* If you're already have a SoCKit board, please check out our VEEK-MT-SoCKit Upgrade Kit

The Video and Embedded Evaluation Kit - Multi-touch for SoCKit (VEEK-MT-SoCKit) is a comprehensive design environment with everything embedded developers need to rapidly customize to best suit their specific application. VEEK-MT-SoCKit delivers an integrated platform that includes hardware, design tools, intellectual property (IP) and reference designs for developing embedded software and hardware platform in a wide range of applications.

The VEEK-MT-SoCKit features the SoCKit development board targeting the Cyclone V SoC FPGA, as well as a capacitive LCD multimedia color touch panel which natively supports multi-touch gestures. A 5-megapixel digital image sensor, ambient light sensor, and 3-axis digital accelerometer make up the rich feature-set. The all-in-one embedded solution offered on the VEEK-MT-SoCKit, in combination of the LCD touch panel and digital image module, provides embedded developers an ideal solution for multimedia applications with unparalleled processing performance.

This kit is also preconfigured with an FPGA hardware reference design including several ready-to-run demonstration applications stored on the provided SD card.

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