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Phased Out Daughter Cards 5 Mega Pixel Digital Camera Package


5 Mega Pixel Digital Camera Package

  • Complete reference design with source code in Verilog
  • A User Manual with Live Demo examples
  • Support exposure time controlling - users can adjust the exposure according to the light of the surrounding area
  • Support motion capture mode
  • Software allows users to upload the picture captured into PC and save the picture into bitmap format or Joint Photographic Experts Group for viewing.
  • Equipped with Micron 5 Mega Pixel CMOS sensor
    • Support 2,592H x 1,944V active pixels
    • Output data in RGB Bayer Pattern format
    • Full resolution frame rate up to 15 frame per second(FPS)
  • Provide users entire reference design (Frame Grabber, high-performance multi-port SDRAM frame buffer, image processing IPs)
  • Support Altera DE3/ DE2_70/ DE2/ DE1/DE0 and Cyclone II Starter boards
  • Size:78*59.5 mm


The TRDB_D5M Module is designed for Altera DE4 / DE2-115 / DE3 / DE2-70 / DE2 / DE1 / DE0 / and Cyclone II Starter Board.


  • Connect D5M with DE2-70

  • Connect D5M with DE3
  • Connect D5M with   Altera DE4
  • Connect D5M with   Altera DE2-115
  • Connect D5M with   Altera DE0-Nano-SoC(Atlas-SoC)
Users can also choose a 4.3''LCD Touch Panel Module as the display device instead of using default VGA output.

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