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Phased Out Daughter Cards VEEK-MT-SoCKit Upgrade Kit


VEEK-MT-SoCKit Upgrade Kit

OpenCL BSP(Board Support Package): microSD Card Image

Title Linux Kernel

Min. microSD


Size(KB) Date Added Login Download
Linux Console with framebuffer 3.12 4GB 138.5MB 2014-02-17 username:root 
Linux LXDE Desktop 3.12 8GB 1.5GB 2014-04-15 username:root

Software Update

Title Linux Kernel Date Added Download
New I2C Touch IP License 1.0.0 2015-03-11


TitleVersionSize(KB)Date AddedDownload
VEEK-MT-SoCKit Assembly Guide 3553 2014-03-21
Software Programming Guide 1.0.1 18170 2014-03-19
VEEK-MT-SoCKit User manual 1.0.0 2607 2014-03-18


TitleVersionSize(KB)Date AddedDownload
SoCKit CD-ROM ( rev. C Hardware ) 1.0.3   2014-05-23
VEEK-MT-SoCKit CD-ROM 1.0.1   2014-03-19

Please note that all the source codes are provided "as-is". For further support or modification, please contact Terasic Support and your request will be transferred to Terasic Design Service.
More resources about IP and Dev. Kit are available on Intel User Forums.

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