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SoC Platform Cyclone SoCKit - the Development Kit for New SoC Device


SoCKit - the Development Kit for New SoC Device

Getting Help

For further discussion, support, and resources, please go to:



TitleVersionSize(KB)Date AddedDownload
How to Fix microSD Card Boot NG(rev. D) 1.0.0 277 2015-02-13
How to distinguish the board revision and what's differents. (rev. B/C/D) 545 2014-12-24
SoCKit User Manual ( rev. D Hardware ) 1.0.0 9240 2014-09-24
SoCKit User Manual ( rev. C Hardware ) 9998 2014-07-11
SoCKit User Manual ( rev. B Hardware ) 6255 2013-05-30


TitleVersionSize(KB)Date AddedDownload
SoCKit CD-ROM ( rev. D Hardware ) 2.0.1   2015-06-26
SoCKit CD-ROM ( rev. C Hardware ) 1.0.3   2014-05-23
SoCKit CD-ROM ( rev. B Hardware ) 0.0.2   2013-07-08


TitleVersionSize(KB)Date AddedDownload
SoCKit VIP Demonstration (Source Code)   2014-02-21

Please note that all the source codes are provided "as-is". For further support or modification, please contact Terasic Support and your request will be transferred to Terasic Design Service.
More resources about IP and Dev. Kit are available on Intel User Forums.

Linux BSP (Board Support Package): MicroSD Card Image for revD

Title Linux Kernel

Min. microSD Capacity

Size(KB) Date Added Download
Linux Console 3.12 4GB 69MB 2014-09-23
Linux Console with framebuffer 3.12 4GB 103.8MB 2014-09-23
Linux LXDE Desktop 3.12 8GB 1300MB 2014-09-23



Support Daughter Cards

AD/DA Data Conversion Card
The AD/DA Data Conversion Card was created to provide a set of Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog interfaces including an Audio CODEC interface. The High Speed Mezzanine Card (HSMC) can be used to develop DSP applications with Altera Development boards and Terasic Development boards (e.g.DE3) that feature the HSMC connector. View More
Highspeed AD/DA Card
The THDB_ADA (ADA) daughter board is designed to provide DSP solution on DE series and Cyclone III Starter Kit, or other boards with HSMC or GPIO interface. View More
HDMI Transmitter Daughter Card
HDMI_TX_HSMC is a HDMI transmitter daughter board with HSMC (High Speed Mezzanine Connector) interface. Host boards, supporting HSMC-compliant connectors, can control the HDMI_TX_HSMC daughter board through the HSMC interface. This HDMI_TX_HSMC kit contains complete reference design with source code written in Verilog and C, for HDMI signal transmitting. Based on reference designs, users can easily and quickly develop their applications. View More
The Terasic DVI-HSMC is a DVI transmitter/receiver board with a High Speed Mezzanine Connector (HSMC) interface. It is designed to allow developers to access high quality and high resolution video signals that support UXGA Resolution (Pixel Rates up to 165 MHz). It gives the flexibility required in high resolution image processing systems by combining both the DVI transmitter and receiver onto the same card. Lastly, the DVI-HSMC daughter board can be connected to any HSMC/HSTC interface host boards. View More
The HTG Card is designed to convert a High-Speed Terasic connector (HSTC) or a High-Speed Mezzanine connector (HSMC) I/Os to three 40-pin expansion prototype connectors, which are compatible with Altera DE3/DE2-115/DE2/DE1/DE0 expansion headers. Users can connect up to three Altera DE3/DE2-115/DE2/DE1/DE0 boards (or associated daughter cards) onto a HSTC/HSMC-interfaced host board via a HTG Card. View More


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