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Price: $95
Academic: $64

The T-Core presents a robust hardware design platform built around the Intel MAX 10 FPGA. It is well equipped to provide cost effective, single-chip solutions in control plane or data path applications and industry-leading programmable logic for ultimate design flexibility. With MAX 10 FPGA, you can get lower power consumption / cost and higher performance than previous generation. When you need high-volume applications, including protocol bridging, motor control drive, analog to digital conversion, and handheld devices, the T-Core is your best choice. 

The T-Core development board includes hardware such as on-board USB-Blaster II, QSPI Flash, ADC header, WS2812B RGB LED and 2x6 TMD expansion header. By leveraging all of these capabilities, the T-Core is the perfect solution for showcasing, evaluating, and prototyping the true potential of the Intel MAX 10 FPGA.

T-Core also supports RISC-V CPU with on-board JTAG debug. It is an ideal platform for learning RISC-V CPU design or embedded system design.

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