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Altera MAX 10 FPGA Evaluation Kit

Altera MAX 10 FPGA, 10M08SAE144C8G, (or ES variant)

  • 8,000 logic elements (LE)
  • 378 kilobits (Kb) M9K memory
  • 32 – 172 (KB) user flash memory
  • One analog-to-digital (ADC) converter, 1 million samples per second (MSPS), 12-bit

FPGA configuration circuitry

  • JTAG header for external USB-Blaster™, USB-Blaster II, or Ethernet Blaster download cable
  • Flash storage for two configuration images (factory and user)
  • Dual-image self-configuration via Programmer Object File (.pof)
  • Temporary engineering debug of FPGA design via SRAM Object File (.sof)

On-Board clocking circuitry

  • 50 MHz oscillator connected to FPGA global clock input

General user I/O

  • 8 analog input I/O, 14 Arduino I/O, 40 general purpose I/O
  • 5 red user-defined LEDs
  • One green LED to show power from USB cable

Push button and DIP switches

  • One reconfiguration push button (SW2)
  • One device-wide reset of all registers, push button (SW1)
  • User DIP switch (SW3)


  • The board is powered by USB cable (from PC or wall jack)
  • One green power-on LED (D6)
  • Probe points for manual, multi-meter measurement of current to calculate
  • Power consumption (TP2 - TP5) or to verify voltages on the selected internal nodes (TP1, TP6 - TP9)

MAX 10 FPGA Evaluation Board Block Diagram

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