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All FPGA Main Boards Arria 10 HAN Pilot Platform


HAN Pilot Platform

(Currency: USD)
Price: $2,980

The HAN Pilot Platform Development Kit provides users a combination of ARM software and FPGA hardware development platforms. It has a vast memory device and peripherals on the hardware. This kit also includes resourceful reference designs to help users to accomplish their design needs. The hardware offers in the HAN Pilot Platform has the maximum capacity with 660K LEs in Arria 10 SoC FPGA and features various types of advanced multimedia interface such as: HDMI, DisplayPort, and 12G-SDI and a large capacity of DDR4 memory. The board’s high speed network interfaces, Gigabit Ethernet and 10GbE via SFP+ ports, provides hardware resources for applications related to network communication. 

The pre-installed 4GB DDR4 SO-DIMM module connected to the FPGA can be replaced and expanded up to 8GB in additon to the onboard 1GB DDR4 memory module. Alternatively, this SO-DIMM socket can be used to connect Terasic QDR memory module to the FPGA for low latency applications. The High Pin Count FMC interface onboard is ideal for exploring the variety of functions through add-on daughter cards.

The USB Type-C interface introduced for the first time is revolutionary and it offers USB 3.0 and DisplayPort connectivity, as well as bi-directional power delivery between the platform and host PC. The PCIe cabling socket at Gen 3 x4 can be connected to the host PC with Terasic PCIe x4 Cable Adapter (PCA) and PCIe cable to maximize the data transfer rate at lightening speed.

Target Markets:

Test & Measurement   High Performance Computing   Medical   Military & Defence   Broadcast & Video

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