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SoC Platform Stratix Terasic TREX C1 Dev. Kit


Terasic TREX C1 Dev. Kit

The TERASIC TREX C1 Development Kit includes the following:

  • TREXC1 development board
    • Altera EP1C6Q240C8
    • Altera EP1S Serial Configuration Device
    • Built-in USB Blaster programming circuitry.
    • Support both JTAG and AS mode programming
    • Option to power via universal serial bus (USB)
    • Eight LEDs
    • Eight Schmitt-trigger de-bounced push buttons
    • 1MByte Flash Memory
    • 8MByte SDRAM (1M x 4 x 16)
    • CF Card Socket (True IDE mode)
    • 16-bit CD-quality Audio DAC with line-out connector
    • TV Encoder with TV Out jack
    • RS-232 Transceiver with 9-pin connector
    • VGA DAC (4-bit resistor network) with VGA-out connector
    • PS2 Keyboard/mouse connector
    • 4-bit DIP switches
    • 4-bit 7-SEG display module
    • Two-40 pin expansion slots.
    • Size:151.5*151.3 mm
  • Cables and accessories
    • USB A->B cable (for both USB-blaster programming and the TREX C1 API controll)
    • 7.5V DC Power Supply (We ship UK Plug for Europe/UK areas)
    • Quartus ® II Web Edition design software
  • Reference designs and C++ applications
    • Lab manual for using the C++
    • Lab Manuals for using the reference designs

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