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Phased Out Daughter Cards VEEK-MT-SoCKit Upgrade Kit


VEEK-MT-SoCKit Upgrade Kit

* If you don't have a SoCKit board already, please check out our   VEEK-MT-SoCKit.

The Video and Embedded Evaluation Kit - Multi-Touch for SoCKit Upgrade Kit( VEEK-MT-SoCKit Upgrade Kit ) offers customers who already own a SoCKit board a brand new integrated platform to develop various embedded applications. We provide simple and straightforward installation guidelines for users to assemble their already owned SoCKit with this upgrade kit.

With upgrade kit installed, this bundle also known as VEEK-MT-SoCKit features a SoCKit development board targeting the Cyclone V SoC FPGA, as well as a capacitive LCD multimedia color touch panel which natively supports multi-touch gestures. A 5-megapixel digital image sensor, ambient light sensor, and 3-axis accelerometer make up the rich feature-set.

The VEEK-MT-SoCKit upgrade kit for SoCKit interfaces SoCKit board through HSMC interface. The kit provides customized HSMC cable and acrylics for SoCKit and VEEK-MT to be assembled in a cubic form. The kit also provides useful reference designs for software developers to build comple embedded systems.

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