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VEEK-MT2S User Manual 1.0 3799 2017-05-05


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VEEK-MT2S CD-ROM 1.0.3   2019-01-09

Linux BSP (Board Support Package): MicroSD Card Image

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Linux LXDE Desktop (Kernel 4.5) 1.2   2017-09-19

Please note that all the source codes are provided "as-is". For further support or modification, please contact Terasic Support and your request will be transferred to Terasic Design Service.
More resources about IP and Dev. Kit are available on Intel User Forums.

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School: Cornell University Senior Lecturer: Bruce Land
Course 1: - ECE5760 Advanced Microcontroller Design and system-on-chip [DE2]
Course 2: - ECE 5760 Simplified Floating Point for DSP [DE2] 

The VEEK-MT2S (DE10-Standard + MTLC2) Kit includes the following example designs and Linux BSP. 

Regarding the DE10-Standard only example designs and BSP, please refer to 

Demonstration List

  • FPGA
    • E_Compass
    • G_Sensor
    • Painter
    • VIP
    • VIP Camera
    • Camera RTL
  • SoC Advanced
    • OpenCV
      • Rough Line
      • Camera IN
      • Face Detection
  • SoC and FPGA
    • Control Panel
    • Light Sensor ADC9300
    • 9-Axis Sensor MPU9250

Linux LXDE Desktop BSP

  • Supports MTLC2 Display and Touch Screen
  • Built-in QT and OpenCV Library
  • GNU Tool Chain for ARM
  • Supports USB Bluetooth, WiFi, and Camera Driver
  • Supports ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) Framework

VEEK-MT2S Control Panel Demonstration

VEEK-MT2S Control Panel – allows users to access various components on the VEEK-MT2S from the LXDE Desktop BSP provided by Terasic. The relative project source codes are provided in the System CD.


OpenCV Face Detection Demonstration

Utilizing the OpenCV function to perform face detection with the 8 Mega Pixel Camera on MTLC2.


VEEK-MT2S G-Sensor Demonstration

This design utilizes an embedded NIOS II CPU to communicate with the on-board digital accelerometer as well as the ambient light sensor. The accelerometer outputs as a level display and the readings for the ambient light are displayed in the upper right-hand corner.


VEEK-MT2S Painter Demonstration

This reference design showcases VEEK-MT2S's sensitive capacitive touch-screen capabilities. Supporting multi-paint coordinates and multi-touch gestures, this demonstration allows users to paint with five fingers. Gestures that are drawn on the canvas are displayed in the gesture indicator box left of the color palette.


VEEK-MT2S E-Compass Demonstration

This demonstration shows an e-compass on the LCD panel based on information measured by accelerometer and magnetometer in the MPU9250


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