White Papers

High Speed PCB Simulation Techniques

Nowadays the whole world is working on high-end multi-layer PCB designs that operate at more than 10Gb/s, with the integration of high-speed circuitry analysis, theories and simulation technique experiences. Thus, American or European companies dominate in such markets. Few Asian companies have the resources to compete with American and European competitors in this niche market. Going along with TSMC, UMC and other large wafer manufacturers that are experiencing rapid breakthroughs in FPGA development, with 90nm quickly shrank all the way down to 28nm, and IO speeds gaining from 10Gb/s up to 30 Gb/s, the market demand for precise FPGA hardware and PCB design is likewise rapidly accelerating.

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High Speed FPGA-based Bio-computing Platform

In recent years, rapid development has occurred in the field of molecular biology, and when coupled with the developments in genomic technologies, massive amounts of data have been discovered. The result is data needs proper and suitable storage, organization, and must be facilitated for further analysis, usage, and search. Along with recent advances in information technology, bioinformatics was born.

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Implementing Full HD Video Splitting on DE3 FPGA Platform

As televisions are entering into the age of High Definition Television generation, HDTV can be separated into 720p, 1080i, and 1080p under the ITU (ITU-R BT.709) protocol, where “I” stands for interlaced scanning and p stands for progressive scanning. Under a frequency of 60 Hz, a 1080i HDTV can display 30 complete frames a second, and 1080p can display 60 complete frames per second. Hence, 1080p is the most stable and smooth solution.

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