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Altera Stratix® V GX FPGA (5SGXEA3K2F40C3)
FPGA Configuration
On-Board USB Blaster II or JTAG header for FPGA programming
Fast passive parallel (FPPx32) configuration via MAX II CPLD and flash memory
General user input / output:
4 LEDs
1 LED Array
4 push-buttons
4 slide switches
On-Board Clock
50MHz Oscillator
Programmable oscillators Si570 and CDCM61004
Communication Ports
Four SFP+ connectors
One SATA host port
One SATA device port
PCI Express (PCIe) x8 edge connector
One RS422 transceiver with RJ45 connector
One HSMC Connector
System Monitor and Control
Temperature sensor
Fan control
PCI Express 6-pin power connector, 12V DC Input
PCI Express edge connector power
Mechanical Specification
PCI Express standard height and half-length
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